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Dentistry for Kids

Child putting toothpaste on a toothbrushChildren begin to grow their teeth after a minimum of 6 months from birth. However, good oral care starts before the first tooth erupts, as baby teeth will need healthy gums from which they can erupt, develop, and eventually be replaced by permanent teeth. Therefore, it is necessary to care for a child's teeth immediately after tooth eruption or when the child is 1 year old, whichever occurs first. Our team works with children of all ages at Detailed Dental Care and provides a variety of services to help them establish healthy oral care habits. Our team looks forward to establishing trust and familiarity with your child to help ensure a lifetime of healthy smiles.

Pediatric Dentistry

Oral care for children and oral care for adults are two significantly different issues. To address oral care for children, there are specialized dentists called pediatric dentists. Pediatric dentists have complemented their medical education with two to three years of additional training and studying to treat childrens’ oral care. Similarly, to their pediatric doctor colleagues, pediatric dentists specialize in the care of infants, children, and teenagers. Finally, pediatric dentists will help their patients develop lifelong oral care habits that will prevent problems such as gingivitis in adulthood.

Standard Check-Ups

Routine check-ups are important for a healthy mouth. Routine check-ups detect oral health issues and identify them early, preventing them from evolving into larger issues such as periodontitis. Cavities, which are common among children, are another example of issues detected in a routine check-up. Our professionals provide thorough cleaning to remove any plaque and tartar during routine check-ups as well. Visits are also educational as they teach children how to properly care for their teeth. As is the case with adults, children should have routine check-ups every six months.

Dental Sealants

Cavities are common among children, so our professionals take preventive steps to stop cavities from developing in the back of the mouth. A sealant is a thin layer of plastic that is painted onto the molars, acting as a shield against food and bacteria.

Emergency Care

Children are encouraged to be active because it promotes a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, physical activity can also lead to injuries including mouth injuries. When severe tooth fractures, gum trauma, excessive decay or other dental emergencies occur, our team is open for emergency care. Our professionals recommend keeping a box of essential items in the house such as gauze, alcohol wipes, dental wax, and a flashlight. This is known as an emergency dental kit. We also highly suggest that parents keep our number in a place where they can easily find it - preferably in the emergency kit.

Contact Us If You Would Like to schedule an Appointment for the Child in Your Life

If your child hasn't seen the dentist in the past six months, our team is here at Detailed Dental Care to offer the best treatment in a friendly atmosphere to help your child keep a healthy oral health regimen. You can call our office at (516) 875-6774 if you would like to ask our professionals any questions or schedule an appointment.

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