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Kid wearing football gear and holding sports mouthguardIf you plan on playing a contact sport such as football, soccer, basketball, hockey, or any other activity that could potentially result in a mouth injury, you should wear a sportsguard. Sportsguards are designed to protect your teeth from being knocked loose or being broken. They also protect your lips from being cut. If you play sports, you should contact Detailed Dental Care today to discuss getting a sportsguard.

What Is a Sportsguard?

A sportsguard is a mouthguard designed to be worn when doing activities. It fits over the top teeth and provides protection and support. While you typically only need to wear a sportsguard on your upper teeth, there are some instances where we may recommend a lower mouthguard as well, such as having a bridge, braces, or other dental appliances on your lower teeth.

Sportsguards come in three different types. The first is a custom-made guard. We create these guards from an imprint of your teeth, so they fit perfectly. While they do cost more than other options, they are the ideal mouthguard if you plan on playing sports often.

The second option is a boil and bite guard. These mouthguards are boiled in water to make them flexible. You then bite into the plastic, creating an impression in it. These mouthguards are not custom-made, but they are fairly comfortable.

The third option is a stock guard. These mouthguards are pre-formed, so they are not specially fitted to your teeth. While they may help protect you, they are not always the most comfortable option. They may also make it hard to breathe or talk.

How Does a Sportsguard Protect You?

Sportsguards protect your teeth by creating a layer of protection between them and anything that may hit your mouth. They absorb some of the impact and will keep your teeth from cutting into your lips and other parts of your mouth. The stiff support a sportsguard provides helps keep your teeth in place, too, so it is less likely you will lose a tooth if you are hit in the mouth.

Who Should Wear a Sportsguard?

While most people think of sportsguards as gear for football, soccer, and other full-contact sports, the truth is that they should be a part of any active person’s gear. Gymnasts, bikers, baseball players, and anyone else who takes part in an activity that could lead to a mouth injury should wear a sportsguard.

Children should also wear a sportsguard when playing sports. We recommend young athletes start wearing sportsguards any time they partake in an activity that could injure their mouths. The earlier they begin wearing a sportsguard, the easier it is to get into the habit of doing so. Sportsguards can easily be worn with braces, too, so that should not be a concern.

When Should You Wear a Sportsguard?

You should wear a sportsguard any time you are doing something that could lead to a mouth injury. Even if you do not believe you will injure your mouth, it is always better to err on the side of caution and wear a sportsguard. If you need a recommendation or want to discuss getting a custom sportsguard, contact Detailed Dental Care at (516) 875-6774 today.

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